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Black Olive & Dried Fig Tapenade (OLD SKU)

Black Olive & Dried Fig Tapenade (OLD SKU)

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A delicious recipe where the soft texture and sweet notes of the figs go wonderfully with the savory black olive.

Enzo Pettè is one of the new generations of chefs who, while remaining attached to culinary traditions, likes to experiment ! He is at the helm of an exceptional restaurant in Bergamo, appreciated by food lovers in search of reinterpreted Italian cuisine. It is in the same spirit that he has created this recipe for Oliviers & Co.’s olive spread collection.

Size: 3.5 OZ

Chef Creation: Enzo Pettè
Chefs Restaurant: L’Officina, Winter Garden Hotel di Grassobbio, Bergamo, Italy
Region/Country: Italy
Ingredients: black olives 64%, dried figs 14% (dried figs, rice flour), extra virgin olive oil, concentrated lemon juice, balsamic vinegar (wine vinegar, concentrated and cooked grape must, caramel), honey, anchovy (anchovy, olive oil, wine vinegar). Contains: sulfites.