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Everyday Oil - Mare Nostrum

Everyday Oil - Mare Nostrum

Item # 81006

Mare Nostrum, the ancient Roman name for the Mediterranean: "Our Sea", is a unique blend of extra virgin olive oils meticulously selected according to Oliviers&Co.’s strict quality criteria. It pays hommage to the richness of the olive oils coming from the Mediterranean basin.

The strength of the grassy notes come from the Italian oil, the subtlety from the Spanish oil, and the structure is imparted by the terroirs of Portugal. The result is a smooth extra virgin olive oil, with a long and expressive finish that can be used for everyday use at a price that is sure to please.  

Our olive oil "mixologist", sensory analyst or "nose", Eric Verdier, explains the arduous process to obtain such an amazing olive oil:

“In this delicious pure fruit juice, we had to balance the 3 major taste profiles produced by the fruit of the olive tree: green and intense olives, middle ripe olives and olives harvested at optimal ripeness. Therefore, I have combined the strength of vegetal notes coming from the Ogliarola – a variety of olive from the Puglia region in Italy – with the smoothness of 3 small Spanish batches from Cataluña and Navarre (the three of them are 100% Arbequina). To this strong and voluptuous marriage of oils, we needed to add structure and fullness. I have chosen small batches of olive oil coming from the best terroirs of Portugal, the Tras-os-Montes, to bring balance and sweetness in mouth. Furthermore, in order to reinforce this aromatic pallet. I have incorporated a small olive oil batch from Umbria – Italy – that confers it a soft note of almond. The result is a perfectly balanced olive oil with an attractive price, essential for daily cooking!”

Size: 25.3 FL OZ

Container: Tin

Region: European Union
Food Pairings: Everyday use: from sautéing to roasting to salads. A one-stop use olive oil!
Perfectly balanced: smooth and grassy with a sweet note.

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