Fig & Melon Fruit Spread

Fig & Melon Fruit Spread

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This fruit spread highlights figs & melon. The Mediterranean fig tree's plump fruits bring joy to anyone who loves fine food. And as happiness never comes alone, this spread is a way for gourmands to enjoy a sweet fruit full of sun and flavor: the melon. In this unique fruit spread recipe, the two stars shine as they are slowly cooked in a traditional copper cauldron with cane sugar and delicately spiced with vanilla and star-anise.

We recommend keeping refrigerated after opening and using soon for best taste!

Size: 8.8 OZ

Region/Country: France
Food Pairings: To enjoy as a sweet spread on a slice of toast or brioche, with fresh cheese or as the base of a fruit tart, or as an accompaniment to chicken or pork.
Ingredients: Fruit 59.2% (fig 33.1%, melon 26.1%), cane sugar, acid: concentrated lemon juice (sulfites), gelling agent: fruit pectin, liquid natural flavour of vanilla 0.1%, star-aniseed 0.09%.

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“Delicious on whole wheat toast with cream cheese. Amazing breakfast!”

Jasmine Sainteloi, Sales Associate
from the Grand Central Station Flagship