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Lucques Green Olives

Lucques Green Olives

Item # 56974
A vivid green fruit with crisp pale flesh and a mild flavor with notes of fresh almonds and avocados make the Lucques one of the most esteemed table olives among connoisseurs.

Origin: This rare fruit is exclusively found in France’s Roussillon region and Hérault department.
Uses: A wonderful table olive that can be served before any meal or as an accompaniment to nuts, cheese and cured meat.

Size: 7.05 OZ

Region/Country: Languedoc and Herault regions of France
Food Pairings: Eaten straight out of the jar as a table olive, or used in any recipe that calls for green olives, removing the pit as needed.
Ingredients: Lucques olives, water, salt, antioxidant: citric acid