1. Grand Cru

    Grand Cru

    Certified by Oliviers & Co., the Grand Cru selections are the perfect expression of some of the most beautiful terroirs of the Mediterranean. In the tradition of the finest wines, we bring you the best, to be discovered and enjoyed by all.

  2. Everyday


    Our Everyday oils follow the same O&CO. guidelines as our Grand Crus, but at a price designed for daily use.

  3. Flavored Olive Oil

    Flavored Olive Oil

    Fresh basil, ripe lemons, hot chili, and fragrant garlic… We source the best ingredients harvested at their peak to incorporate into traditional olive oil-making methods in order to bring you the most delicious, true-to-taste flavor profiles. Expertly crushing together or macerating fresh produce or herbs along with olives create unique, amazingly fresh, and totally natural olive oils.

  4. Oil & Vinegar Sets

    Oil & Vinegar Sets

    We take the guesswork out of it! Our oil & vinegar sets pair our premium olive oil and vinegar into perfect palate combinations.

By Taste
  1. Floral
  2. Grassy
By Type
  1. Cooking
  2. Finishing
By Country
  1. Greece
  2. Spain

Olive Oil New Harvest 2016

The finest Extra Virgin Olive Oils from 7 different countries:
France, Italy, Spain, Croatia, Greece, Portugal, Tunisia

Rare and diverse, the Oliviers & Co. Olive Oil Collection embodies the soul and craftsmanship of its producers with extraordinary flavors and aromas. Discover one of the most remarkable harvests of the last ten years and find your favorite!

New Harvest