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ExtraVerte Olive Oil

ExtraVerte Olive Oil

Item # 83338

Rare and unique are the key words to describe this beautiful green emerald "Extraverte". It embodies the essence of freshly cut grass, due to an early harvest which best captures the vegetal notes of the still green olives.

This olive grove, located near Barcelona and covering 300 hectares, is one of the jewels of olive growing in Catalonia. It is the result of over 30 years of hard work and dedication to olive growing and premium olive oil production. The secret of Carlota and Maurico Botton is the couple's shared passion for producing exceptional olive oils. Their objective: to obtain, each year, the highest quality olive oils, full of flavor and rich in polyphenols.

L’Extraverte is one of the richest olive oil in polyphenols in our 2017 collection: 529mg/kg ! It takes 18-22 pounds of early olives- 100% Arbequina olive variety- harvested at peak aromatic ripeness, to make one bottle of this rare and precious olive oil! As a result, this limited edition L'Extraverte is a pure olive juice, offering a range of flavors such as green tomato, basil, freshly cut grass and pepper in a long finish. An explosion of warmth and freshness for this splendid Extraverte in limited edition! A must-try!

Size: 16.8 FL OZ

Container: Bottle

Country: Spain
Region: Avynyonet de Penedes, Province of Barcelona in Catalonia
Date of Harvest: October 2016
Limited Edition: Less than 400 bottles in the US
Olives: 100% Arbequina
Food Pairings: Anything and everything! Bread dipping, pasta, vegetables, red meat, fish and seafood.
Fresh-cut grass, green pepper, artichoke, and tomato leaf.

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