Dachi Tea Co.

Having discovered the exquisite diversity of Taiwan’s teas over 18 months ago, Dachi Tea has spent hour upon hour refining their palates alongside tea masters and have been out to the remote reaches of the Taiwanese islands - immersing themselves in the stunning regions in which these teas were grown. Dachi Tea has picked tea for the farmers, labored for the makers and gotten drunk with the brothers and uncles.

This tea collection is the result of us resisting the temptation to broaden the scope of our collection and instead committing to turning over every rock in Taiwan and forging lasting relationships - two things, which in our humble opinion, are absolutely paramount if you want to get your hands on the good stuff for the right price. We hope the joy you get from drinking the teas matches the pride in which we present them.

Delivering the Third-Wave of Tea, to your Desk or Door...


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Dachi Tea Co

Dachi Tea Co

Dachi Tea Mission

The story of tea has it all: biodiversity, cultural diversity, health, livelihoods, trade, agriculture, philosophy, taste and ritual. We are fascinated by how a botanical has created and connected cultures, and we want to create and connect more.

Our mission is to help the world get centered through the ritual of drinking good tea.

“Behind every artisan tea there’s always a story of terroir & tradition; of cultivar & craftsmanship. We are going to tell these stories so that the only missing element between your experience and the deepest sense of appreciation is a touch of imagination.” — Simon Thomas, Cofounder

“For us, crafted loose-leaf tea is the perfect embodiment of the intimate interplay between man and nature. We want to make exquisite tea as accessible and readily available as fine wine or artisan coffee.” — Nicholas Palumbo, Cofounder

Cultivation & Craftsmanship

We use digital media to bring you closer to your tea’s origin as well as reinstate the human touch.

Our Teas

- From single estate, family run tea gardens.

- No blending, minimum duration between picking, processing and packaging for consistency and freshness.

- Our teas are pesticide free and grown with organic fertilizer, and workers are treated well, but we forgo certification to ensure that a) we are inclusive b) price is consistent with quality.

- We put all of our teas through rigorous chemical testing (such as SGS) to ensure that we encourage the best industry practices, and stay true to our commitment