Yolande & Albert Baussan

Yolande & Albert Baussan


Yolande & Albert Baussan


Bouça, Trás-os-Montes

Albert Baussan, energetic man of several lives, is the owner and producer at A Capela Dos Olivais, in addition to being Oliviers & Co.’s Chief Olive Grower & CEO! This is not unusual for a man with a deeply emotional link to olive oil. M. Baussan became producer at Dos Olivais in 2000, five years before taking the helm at O&CO. 

To create the olive oil characteristics M. Baussan desired, he turned to Portugal. With an estate that was originally established towards the end of the 18th Century, A Capela Dos Olivais is an estate as rich in history as it is in land.  After passing through heirs and periods of sharecropping, the land and estate came into the hands of Albert Baussan and his wife, Yolande, in 2000, essentially untouched.  The Baussan's were attracted to the authenticity and mystery of the place, restructuring and using existing olive orchards even though they had to be planted with young trees. In restoring the estate and surrounding lands, they discovered one of the oldest olive oil mills in the region, practically ruined, which they then restored. Experts combined some of its original features with ultra modern milling techniques to create a method for extracting oil that is both technologically advanced and preserves the character and soul of the estate. A Capela Dos Olivais (The Chapel of Olives) is a full service estate – with olives being grown, harvested, pressed, and bottled onsite before being shipped out to be sold at luxury food shops. 

The luxury shops of Oliviers & Co., more than 85+ in 18 countries, are the perfect destination for M. Baussan’s distinctive oils. With O&CO.’s focus on top quality products and consumer education, what better audience for one of the world’s finest olive oils?

The Olive Grove 

Meaning literally “behind the mountains,” Trás-os-Montes is located in the northeast of Portugal. Backed by Spain, this wild area consists of highlands and mountains, with scattering of picturesque villages rarely visited by tourists. With olive trees as far as the eye can see, Bouça is one such village!

Da Bouça, or balsa, is a Portuguese word that means uncultivated land.

Its mixed soil, made up of volcanic rocks, clay, limestone, quartz, and granite, is typical of Portuguese land and produces excellent olive oil. A Capela Dos Olivais grows robust and spicy olive varietals, typical to southern Mediterranean countries: Madural, Cobrançosa, and Verdeal.

Fun Fact:

A Capela Dos Olivais mills its olives on one of the oldest olive presses in Portugal.