Sardine with Dried Tomatoes

Item # 20821
Created by Michelin-Star chef Olivier Brulard, this incredible spread first explodes in your mouth with the taste of sun-dried tomatoes. The sardine is a fragrant pairing with the tomato, and the two go together almost better than oil and vinegar. In addition to these two bursts of flavor, your tongue will also catch an undercurrent of raisins, zucchini, honey, and chili! Don't miss out on this great summer flavor.

Uses: as an appetizer: simply spread on grilled bread or blinis drizzled with olive oil, stuffed filo pastry, also spread over cod, bass, or other fish before baking, with egg salad, mixed into pasta with olive oil.
Ingredients: Ingredients: dried tomatoes in olive oil (dried tomatoes, olive oil, sugar, vinegar, salt), zucchini, sardines (sardines, vegetable oil, salt), dried raisins, extra virgin olive oil, concentrated lemon juice, honey, espelette chili, bayonne salt.