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Black Olive & Cocoa Nibs

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A unique and surprising olive spread, both sweet and savory, pairing cocoa with black olives. Gilles Marchal, Creative Director for La Maison du Chocolat, has collaborated with O&CO. to create a sublime and innovative olive paste in which the originality comes from the rich and delicate flavors of cocoa nibs selected for this confectioner’s recipe. Bits of cocoa beans are slowly roasted, then crushed and carefully ground into a powder to become nibs. The saltiness of the black olives is softened by a touch of honey and a dash of balsamic vinegar from Modena. A must try!
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Ingredients: Ingredients : black olives 77%, extra virgin olive oil, cocoa nibs 5%, red wine vinegar, honey, balsamic vinegar of Modena PGI (cooked grape must, wine vinegar), concentrated lemon juice, salt, licorice in powder, grey pepper. Contains: sulfites.