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Wild Lavender Honey

Wild Lavender Honey

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Coming from the Mediterranean basin (mainly Portugal), wild lavender, also called « French lavender », is well-known for growing in stony grounds. Its flowers, from a light to intense purple, are blooming from April to July, allowing bees to gather their nectar.

Extracted according to a traditional method in Portugal, Oliviers&Co.®’s wild lavender honey is characterized by its light color, creamy texture and delicate taste. This floral nectar can be either simply enjoyed at breakfast or appreciated in a culinary preparation to bring a Mediterranean touch to your cooking!

Size: 8.8 OZ

Food Pairings: To be simply enjoyed in tea, on toasted brioche, on crêpes, in Greek yogurt, with fresh cheese, use as a seasoning for caramelized apples, use to prepare a crumble or to enhance a rack of lamb for a more creative note. Try it drizzled over roasted figs & fresh goat cheese with mesclun greens.