Chickpea & Mint Delice

Chickpea & Mint Delice

Item # 75DEPC120V2

Made with delicious chickpeas, olive oil and just a hint of mint, this exquisitely fresh recipe is produced in Provence.  A great classic of the Mediterranean, revisited by Oliviers & Co in partnership with award-winning Chef Olivier Streiff.  

For vegetables lovers everywhere, the Oliviers & Co Delice collection, developed by world-renowned chefs in collaboration with Oliviers & Co, embodies the true essence of cooking: an entire vegetable garden captured in each jar!

Pair with crackers and a cheese platter for an instant appetizer served up by a Michelin-starred chef!

Food Pairings: Serve on crackers for aperitif with a drizzle of our garlic olive oil, enjoy as a dip for crudités, with grilled lamb kebabs, with falafel for an updated twist!