About Olive Oil

Originally, olives were used for their oil; over two-thirds of ancient oil production was used as a light and fuel source. Originated from Asia Minor, it spread across the Mediterranean region over 6,000 years ago and was highly consumed by the Egyptians for funeral and purification processes. In the sixteenth century B.C., the Phoenicians began to plant olive oil trees throughout Greece where the Romans began the cultivation process. As time progressed, so did the planting and cultivation methods of the olive field turning it into a product reserved for kings and queens before becoming a staple for most of the area. It was thought to provide a source of riches and power as well as producing fertility and wisdom!

Today, olive oil is found in every household and restaurant across the world; it is widely cultivated and used in a variety of ways. Over thousands of years, the manipulation and geographical location of the olive fields have produced the cleanest and healthiest olive oils that consumer enjoy everyday.