White Truffle Oil

A truffle is a very valuable and highly sought after underground version of a mushroom. There are hundreds of different variations and they are found colonized on the roots of trees. Unfortunately sometimes they are not the easiest to find, usually tracked by their scent. The more mature, the stronger the extremely earthy scent becomes. They have a similar look to potatoes, however can be many colors. Even though there are hundreds of types of truffles only a few are considered gourmet truffles.

Specifically, the "white truffle" or "Alba madonna" (Tuber magnatum) comes from the northern regions of Italy, most notably the city of Alba. As with all truffles, they are typically found around the base of specific trees. The white truffles of northern Italy are popularly found around the oak, hazel, poplar, and beech tree. As with the black truffle which is found in France, the white truffle is highly prized and used in numerous fashions. They are typically harvested from September until December and the size, flavor and aroma of a truffle is contingent on factors such as moisture, weather, tree species and age, soil type, proximity to the roots and tree trunk, and area insects. The result is a delicacy giving a burst of flavor to savory dishes.

Since truffles are such a delicacy, truffle oil is a favorite among many chefs. Our Truffle Crostini recipe is a great way to start your truffle oil experience. O&CO.’s specialty white truffle oil is produced using extra virgin olive oil along with the esteemed white truffles from Alba, Italy. It has numerous uses but the is best when drizzled over pasta, steak, soup, risotto, omelets, mashed potatoes, asparagus, and even tossed with popcorn.