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Olive Wood Salt Cellar

Olive Wood Salt Cellar

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The salt cellar has become the minimalist's answer to salt shakers that clog and must be cleaned. O&CO.'s beautiful salt cellar is made from Tunisian olive wood, and makes a great centerpiece for an elegant table set! The magnetized lid ensures that your spices stay fresh and preserved. O&CO. uses fallen, non-producing olive trees around 75-100 years old for all its hand-carved kitchen products. Bring the beauty and simplicity of the Mediterranean to your table!

To care for the olive wood, do not put in the dishwasher and do not soak in water for an extended period of time. Hand wash and coat with olive oil often.

Size: 4"D

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Customer Reviews

“A perfect addition to anyone's spice rack. It's conveniently closed with a magnetic seal. You can use it to store salt, ground pepper, paper clips etc.”

Lorena Salvador, Sales Associate
from the Grand Central Station Flagship