Affiorato Extra Virgin 2020

Affiorato Extra Virgin 2020

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We are pleased to introduce you to our 2020 Affiorato, selected this year by Eric Verdier.

A unique blend of freshness and power that comprises its character. This perfectly balanced juice offers an unparalleled finesse in the mouth. It is the result of an early harvest, perfectly mastered and hand-picked for Oliviers & Co's quality requirements. This year, the genuine fresh olive juice reveals notes of fresh cut grass, fresh almond, green apple, and fresh butter.

It is a very versatile olive oil that can be easily paired with tasty bread and it goes great on cooked vegetables, poultry and roasted meats, seafood dishes, salmon carpaccio, and especially mashed potatoes. Packaged in a beautiful olive green tin.

Pressed from 100% Nocellara de Belice olives – an indigenous and precious olive cultivar – can be considered as a symbol of the Sicilian tradition.

The 2020 Affiorato was harvested in the “Belice valley” in the heart of the Geraci family estate which, since four generations, passionately produces Sicilian olive oils of exceptional quality. The history of this family, full of passion and rigor, dates back to the 19th century and is linked to olive trees. The family tradition is for every new descendant an olive tree is planted. Massimiliano Geraci and his brother Lorenzo now manages the estate.

Affiorato: literally means "what comes to the surface", takes its name from an old manufacturing process used in Italy. The oil being lighter than water, it “showes" on the surface and the nectar obtained has the specificity of being fresh and delicate. Only three other producers in Italy still use this ancient technique today!

Producer: Lorenzo Geraci
Country: Italy
Region: Partana, Trapani, Sicily
Date of Harvest: October 2019
Limited Edition: 9000 liters - Batch 3
Olives: 100% Nocellara Del Bellice
Food Pairings: Cooked vegetables, poultry and roasted meats, seafood, fresh pasta, mashed potatoes, winter dishes such as soups or sautéed meat.
Note of cut grass, fresh almond, green apple, fresh butter

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