Aged Apple Balsamic Condiment

Aged Apple Balsamic Condiment

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Inspired by the famous balsamic vinegar, O&CO.'s vinegar masters had the ingenious idea to create a balsamic condiment with... apple!

Fuji apples, juicy and sweet, are used to produce both juice and vinegar. This mixture is then simmered and patiently aged in apple wood barrels for 5 years according to the same ancestral tradition that is the basis of the classic balsamic. The result is a beautiful amber colored nectar with a full intense aroma, exceptional fruity notes of caramel, and a delicately tangy flavor with soft hints of stewed apples and cider.

Get it while you can as this is a limited edition balsamic!
Region/Country: Malpighi Estate, Modena, Emilia-Romagna, Italy
Food Pairings: Any vegetables- raw, cooked or grilled, chicken and turkey, pork tenderloin, cheese, fresh fruits, especially melon and fig.
Ingredients: Concentrated apple juice 50%, apple vinegar 50%.