Agrolaguna Olive Oil 2017

Agrolaguna Olive Oil 2017

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Bringing together the best of the Mediterranean and the rocky Alps, this rare olive oil from the Istria region of Croatia has been awarded many prizes. All the olives are treated in their own highly modern mill under the producer's watchful eye. Katja Gašparini has raised the standard in recent years with their mission to secure the highest standards in olive oil production, along with becoming a leader in wine making.

With olive groves situated close to the sea and benefiting from the Istrian sun, the resulting Croatian extra virgin olive oil is both graceful and delicate on the palate.   

Less than 300 bottles of this delicate, sweet yet vegetal gem are available in the US, so enjoy it while you can!

Hand-picked olives, pressed within 24 hours.

from $25.00
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Producer: Katjia Gasparini
Country: Croatia
Region: Poreč, Istria
Date of Harvest: October 2016
Limited Edition: 2000 liters - lot C2
Olives: 100% Leccino
Food Pairings: Vegetables, tomatoes, green salads, potatoes, veal, chicken, pork, red meat, fish & shellfish, pasta, rice, cheese, desserts such as ice cream, strawberries and baked apples.
A remarkable, elegant olive oil, it is both delicate and smooth fluctuating between vegetal and fresh almond notes.

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