Anchovy with Honey & Capers

Anchovy with Honey & Capers

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The anchovy found its way to the best tables of Provence and the Basque country as early as the Middle Ages. To this day, they are caught at night using a lamp positioned at the front of the fishing boat. The small fish is always beheaded and gutted by hand, a process that requires a high degree of precision that a machine is unable to perform. In this recipe, created by Gérald Passédat, the desalted anchovies are spiced up with garlic. The fish pairs well with the pleasing bitterness of red wine vinegar and the delicate sharpness of capers, and the sweetness of just a touch of honey.
Chef Creation: Gérald Passedat
Chefs Restaurant: Le Petit Nice
Region/Country: Marseille, France
Food Pairings: "Bagna cuda" sauce for raw vegetable sticks, baked potatoes stuffed with anchovy spread, celery and green olive salad, zucchini flower fritter with mozzarella & anchovy, tomato salad, pizza sauce, grilled beef filet, red meat, artichoke hearts with "poor man's sauce".
Ingredients: Anchovies 34.12%, extra virgin olive oil 20.3%, breadcrumbs (wheat flour (gluten), cereal mix (soya, rye (gluten), barley (gluten), corn, oat (gluten), wheat (gluten), rice, flax, millet, sesame), water, red wine vinegar (sulfites), honey 6%, capers 3.72%, garlic pulp, grey pepper, salt
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  1. "from the Grand Central Station Flagship"

    This spread really spruces up a slice of cheese pizza! For those who adore anchovies, you will adore this spread.