Anchovy with Honey & Capers

Anchovy with Honey & Capers

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This exclusive spread created by Michelin-Star chef Gérald Passédat has won the hearts of even our most reluctant anchovy skeptics. The sweetness of the honey eliminates any excess fishiness and presents only the most savory blend on your tongue. The capers contribute their own lingering tanginess and leave you craving more.

Uses: as a dip for vegetables, such as carrots and celery, as a dressing for caesar salads or tomato salads, for puttanesca sauce, with baked potatoes, in soups and sauces, with grilled meats, with sushi and sashimi.
Chef Creation: Gérald Passedat
Chefs Restaurant: Le Petit Nice
Region/Country: Marseille, France
Food Pairings: "Bagna cuda" sauce for raw vegetable sticks, baked potatoes stuffed with anchovy spread, celery and green olive salad, zucchini flower fritter with mozzarella & anchovy, tomato salad, pizza sauce, grilled beef filet, red meat, artichoke hearts.
Ingredients: Anchovies 34.12%, extra virgin olive oil 20.3%, breadcrumbs (wheat flour (gluten), cereal mix (soya, rye (gluten), barley (gluten), corn, oat (gluten), wheat (gluten), rice, flax, millet, sesame), water, red wine vinegar (sulfites), honey 6%, capers 3.72%, garlic pulp, grey pepper, salt
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  1. "from the Grand Central Station Flagship"

    This spread really spruces up a slice of cheese pizza! For those who adore anchovies, you will adore this spread.