Artichoke & Apricot with Honey

Artichoke & Apricot with Honey

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Bright, grassy artichoke meets the sweetness of apricot and honey to create this Venetian-inspired recipe by Michelin-starred Chef Giovanni Ciresa. This well-balanced condiment adds a subtle sweet note to any roast or stew and is perfectly suited for exotic cuisines. Experiment with it as an ingredient in lamb tagine, curry, or babaghanoush.
Chef Creation: Giovanni Ciresa
Chefs Restaurant: Hotel Bauer
Region/Country: Venice, Italy
Food Pairings: A perfect accompaniment to pork chops. Use as a filling for ravioli in sage and brown butter sauce. Try it in a sweet recipe such as carrot cake or an apple tart!
Ingredients: Artichoke 20%, apricots 20%, eggplant, sugar, extra virgin olive oil, almond in powder, honey 5%, pine kernels, concentrated lemon juice (sulfites), salt
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  1. "from the Columbus Circle Boutique"

    The artichoke, apricot, and honey spread makes the perfect accompaniment to a cheese platter. I use it whenever I have guests and always get rave reviews!