Artichoke & Green Olive Delice

Artichoke & Green Olive Delice

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For vegetable lovers everywhere, this is an amazing recipe where the sweet and nutty notes of the artichoke hearts are expertly balanced with the savory green olive… A perfect combination to enhance your everyday dishes!

French Chef Jean-André Charial wanted to create something fresh and addictive for his addition to the Oliviers & Co Delice Collection.  

Let your taste buds turn upside down after tasting this artichoke and green olive spread! It is so versatile that it can be served with fish, meat or poultry, used as an appetizer, and even as a stuffing for pasta shells.

Chef Creation: Jean-Andre Charial
Chefs Restaurant: Oustau de Baumanière
Region/Country: Baux-de-Provence, France
Food Pairings: Use as a vegetable dip, mix with fresh cheese for a creamy sauce, use as a filling for nicchioni pasta, or use to season grilled chicken breast and lamb.
Ingredients: artichoke 38 %, extra virgin olive oil, green olive 15 %, potato, water, concentrated lemon juice, salt, black pepper.
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