Asparagus & Candied Lemon Delice

Asparagus & Candied Lemon Delice

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Chef Giovanni Ciresa had the perfect recipe in mind, combining fresh spring asparagus with preserved lemons and honey, for this welcome addition to the O&CO. Delice Collection. For vegetables lovers everywhere, the O&CO. Delice collection, developed by world-renowned chefs in collaboration with Oliviers & Co, embodies the true essence of cooking: an entire vegetable garden captured in each jar! In this recipe, the delicate texture and flavor of spring asparagus is pleasantly balanced with the subtleness of the preserved lemon. A surprising and delightful taste you never thought possible!

Size: 4.4 OZ

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Chef Creation: Giovanni Ciresa
Chefs Restaurant: Hotel Bauer
Region/Country: France
Food Pairings: Serve with crostini or crackers, chilled in a verrine (small shot glass) topped with a drizzle of O&CO. Lemon Oil as an appetizer, or as a sauce to accompany lamb chops, grilled fish or chicken, and risotto.
Ingredients: Asparagus 82%, extra virgin olive oil, honey, preserved lemon 2,4% (lemon, water, sugar), concentrated lemon juice, salt, white pepper, nutmeg

Customer Reviews

“I love this product because it makes a nice, interesting pasta sauce and saves me from having to make my own!”

Jennifer Varano, Sales Associate
from the Columbus Circle Boutique