Azienda del Carmine Olive Oil

Azienda del Carmine Olive Oil

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If you're looking for a grassy and robust oil, search no further! From a finishing drizzle on a bowl of fresh pasta, to a dip for crusty bread, this Italian olive oil will transform your taste buds!

Each year, in mid-November, Antonio Roversi gathers together his close relatives, and their close relatives, to celebrate the olive harvest. Milanese to Romans, they come all the way to Marches to see his mill at work. Antonio tells stories of his trees, and how, as he shapes them from his inquisitiveness, he feeds them with his enthusiasm. After the visit, they celebrate Signore Roversi's beautiful olive oil at the table. Pasta, polenta, winter vegetables, fish and stews: the celebration goes on for nearly two days straight!
Country: Italy
Region: The Marches, Ancona
Date of Harvest: October 2013
Limited Edition: Less than 400 bottles in the US!
Olives: Frantoio 100%
Food Pairings: Pasta, vegetables, finishing touch on dishes, grilled meat. Simply drizzled on toasted baguette.
Taste Profile: Grassy
Palate: Robust
Nose: Notes of...
A powerful oil that only exceptional olives are able to offer.

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