Balsamic & Basil Olive Oil Gift Set

Balsamic & Basil Olive Oil Gift Set

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Size: 8.4 FL OZ

Container: Bottle

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Two of our best sellers, Balsamic Vinegar and Basil Olive Oil, are dressed up for the holidays in this beautiful limited edition gift set.

Set comes packaged in our signature gift box for gift-giving.

Olive & Basil Oil, 8.4 fl oz bottle

A rare oil made from olives and basil leaves. An entirely natural product obtained in Puglia in the South of Italy. Basil brings all its aromatic freshness and strength to olive oil.

In the Puglia region of Italy, the basil grows up to the foot of the olive trees.  To make this basil olive oil, from September the mill master gathers bunches of fresh basil to fill the stainless steel tanks, before pouring in the olive oil. This is the maceration process. The second step occurs during the olive harvest period, in November where basil and olives are gathered in the same time and pressed together with the millstone.
The mix of both preparations gives to basil olive oil this perfect balance of freshness and power for a pasta, a simple tomato salad or a basil olive oil sorbet.

Holiday Balsamic Vinegar, 8.4 fl oz bottle

This beautiful limited edition Oliviers & Co bottle, dressed in gold & green and inspired by the colors of the olive tree, offers this lovely everyday-use balsamic vinegar. This balsamic vinegar is a blend of cooked grape must, concentrated grape must and wine vinegar, giving it a fluid and rich brown color with the perfect tartness.

A match made in heaven!

Region/Country: Italy
Food Pairings: Anything and everything!