Balsamic Vinegar: Healthy Holiday Meals

According to a study published in The Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism most individuals gain weight in winter months. While weight gain might not be considerable, it usually does not disappear during the summer months and begins to accumulate. There are many options to improve your diet to ensure a healthier winter when it comes to food. This doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice taste. O&CO offers healthy ways to incorporate our best selling products, including Fig Balsamic Vinegar, Cherry Balsamic Vinegar and White Balsamic with Oregano.

With many holiday gatherings during the winter months it seems hard to not be surrounded by tempting delicious foods. Provide your guests with something flavorful and healthy; toss White Balsamic with Oregano with your favorite salad as a dressing. The dressing will provide a light and crisp flavor that all are sure to enjoy. Vinegar is actually indicated through multiple medical trials to increase the feeling of fullness and so, reduces the amount of food consumed. Thus utilizing White Balsamic with Oregano in the appetizer course can help reduce the amount of food consumed.

Guests are sure to love the Roast Pork with Apples & Cherry Balsamic for the main course. A delicious entrée on its own, the addition of Cherry Balsamic Vinegar adds a delightful flavor and adds health benefits. Top off the holiday meal with a delicious desert using Fig Balsamic Vinegar. Try something elegant, yet easy to prepare such as our Quick & Easy Fig Tart Recipe. Vinegar is also proven to reduce the glycemic index of carbohydrate food for people with and without diabetes.

Incorporating Balsamic Vinegar in your diet creates indescribable flavor while providing many health benefits. Not only can it help to control weight by offering smarter choices, it can help you to eat less, decrease your glycemic index, it has effects on lowering blood pressure and reduces the risks associated with heart disease according to the European Journal of Clinical Nutrition.