Pesto Ai Peperoni - Bell Pepper & Ricotta Cheese

Pesto Ai Peperoni - Bell Pepper & Ricotta Cheese

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Red & yellow bell peppers are combined with ricotta and parmesan cheese, tomatoes, onions, and herbs to create this unique variation to traditional pesto. It's brightness and intense flavor mix perfectly with a package of pasta. Kids love it!

Size: 6.3 OZ

Chef Creation: Jean-Marie Meulien
Chefs Restaurant: Oasis, La Napoule, Clos Longchamp
Region/Country: Paris, France
Food Pairings: Mix it with pasta, use as a flavoring for risotto, a sauce for pizza, seasoing for grilled meats, vegetables, or spread for sandwiches.
Ingredients: Red & yellow bell peppers 52%, extra virgin olive oil, ricotta cheese 20% (milk), tomatoes, parmesan cheese (milk), sugar, acidity regulator: lactic acid, salt, aromatic plants in variable proportion (thyme, rosemary, bay leaves, basil)

Customer Reviews

“So much flavor! One jar goes a long way.”

Mary Plim, Bronx, NY
from the Columbus Circle Boutique