Black Olive & Candied Lemon Tapenade

Black Olive & Candied Lemon Tapenade

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Originally from France and established as a chef in Paris, Michel Del Burgo has worked at Le Duc in Moscow since 2004. While we await his return, O&CO. has asked Michel for a souvenir of his mastery: a reinterpretation of the olive tapenade. His response was this surprising black olive tapenade with candied lemon, in which the citrus fruit enhances the olive with an acid note evoking the southern Mediterranean.
Chef Creation: Michel Del Burgo
Chefs Restaurant: Restaurant Adrienne
Region/Country: Paris, France
Food Pairings: Mix with O&CO. Lemon Olive Oil as an easy seasoning for fish, spread on top of O&CO. crostini, use as a dip for raw veggies, or try as a side with caviar and toast points.
Ingredients: Black olives 67.6%, gherkins, extra virgin olive oil, anchovy (anchovy, olive oil, wine vinegar (sulfites), salt), candied lemon 2.7% (lemon peel, glucose fructose syrup, saccharose), red wine vinegar (sulfites), balsamic vinegar (wine vinegar (sulfites), concentrated and cooked grape must (sulfites), caramel, sulfites), concentrated lemon juice (sulfites)
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  1. "from the Short Hills Boutique"

    Tangy! It surprised me that I would like such a 'haute cuisine' product!