Black Olive Paste

Black Olive Paste

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This simple preparation of black olives is simply crushed without the pit and then jarred fresh. An Italian specialty, this artisanal preparation is made with Taggiasca black olives, a variety grown in the province of Liguria, where it is found on the rocky mountain slopes of the Italian Riviera. Use as a base for recipes asking for olives. Great for vegetarians!

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Region/Country: Liguria, Italy
Food Pairings: Use anywhere you would a traditional black olive paste! This smooth, pure olive paste is the perfect base for most dishes. Perfect for vegans or those with nut allergies!
Ingredients: Black olives 93%, extra virgin olive oil, aromatic herbs in variable proportion (sage, oregano, thyme, rosemary, juniper, marjoram), salt. No additives or preservatives

Customer Reviews

“I love this smooth olive paste because I don't like the traditional capers, nuts, or anchovies that come in some tapenades. It's purely perfect!”

Marjorie Jones, Fairview, NJ
from the Short Hills Boutique