Black Olive & Tomato Tapenade

Black Olive & Tomato Tapenade

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Some olives, a few basil leaves, thyme, pine nuts and beautiful tomatoes... A tasty creation perfect to turn simple dishes into gourmet delicacy!
Chef Creation: Eric Frechon
Chef Creation: Jean-Andre Charial
Region/Country: France
Food Pairings: Tasting suggestion: To be used in pasta, to be combined with scrambled eggs, to lacquer a fish or a white meat ...
Ingredients: Black olives 50,1%, capers, tomatoes 7.6% (tomatoes, tomato juice),
extra virgin olive oil, dried tomatoes, balsamic vinegar (wine vinegar, concentrated and cooked grappe must, caramel, sulfites),
garlic, red wine vinegar (sulfites), water, anchovy (anchovy, olive oil, wine vinegar, salt, sulfites),
salt, basil, pine nuts, Parmigiano Reggiano PDO (milk), thyme, white pepper.