Blackcurrant & Mint Jam

Blackcurrant & Mint Jam

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Two timeless flavors - blackcurrant and mint - collide into one spectacular recipe. Unlike anything you have ever tasted, the rich and almost deeply smoky flavor of the blackcurrant is highlighted by the light flashes of mint. The duo finishes with a smooth texture that is irresistable! Great as an accompaniment to cold meats, and it is also perfect served simply on toast.
Region/Country: Canada
Food Pairings: Spread with cream cheese on toast for a breakfast delight, as a cold sauce for lamb, as a sauce base for Moroccan dishes.
Ingredients: White sugar, water, blackcurrant juice concentrate 10%, lemon juice concentrate, pectin, acid: citric acid, natural spearmint oil 0.02%
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  1. "from the Bleecker St. Boutique"

    Tastes like a sublime dessert with cream cheese on toast. My favorite breakfast.