Black Olive & Orléans Mustard Tapenade

Black Olive & Orléans Mustard Tapenade

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In this olive spread, the unexpected mustard from Orléans discreetly plays its music and quite simply assumes its place in the black olive's ensemble. At Alain Passard's table, the creative work is just the same - everywhere but invisible, mysterious and obvious. For this reason, O&CO. asked this Michelin-starred chef for his take on the classic olive tapenade.

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Chef Creation: Alain Passard
Chefs Restaurant: L’Arpège, Paris. 3 Michelin Stars
Region/Country: Paris, France
Food Pairings: This tapenade goes equally well with roasted red or white meats, or as a light dressing for avocado salad. Perfect to replace your favorite sandwich spread!
Ingredients: Black olives 66,9%, capers 18,4%, orleans mustard 7,4% (vinegar, water, mustard seeds, guerande sea salt, citric acid, natural extracts of spices, sulfites), extra virgin olive oil, garlic, red wine vinegar (Sulfites), anchovy (anchovy, olive oil, wine vinegar (Sulfites), salt), balsamic vinegar (Sulfites), concentrated lemon juice (Sulfites), salt, white pepper

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“I keep this in my fridge to make gourmet sandwiches in a pinch.”

Kevin Kelly, Brooklyn, NY
from the Bleecker St. Boutique