Bouquets Garnis

Bouquets Garnis

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A bouquet garni is a small bouquet of cooking herbs : thyme, oregano, and savory, enveloped with bay leaves and attached by a small string. O&CO.'s Bouquets Garnis are one of the essential ingredients in every French kitchen. This presentation permits the best diffusion of the flavors, without dispersing the herbs throughout the dish.

Six bouquet garnis included.
Food Pairings: Tie to your soup pot and toss in while your stew simmers, then pull it out at the end to avoid eating around bay leaves! The perfect trick for kitchen gourmands. Stuff inside a chicken or turkey cavity to release the ultimate flavor!
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Average Rating: 5 / 5
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  1. "Best Bouquet Garnis Ever"

    I have been using these for over 20 years when I found them in the shop in Paris, first time I ever went to O & Co!. I love them and in all that time have never ran out of them, whether buying them in a shop somewhere they have one or ordering them online so they are delivered to my home in Florida! Best ever! Can't beat them and the flavor is amazing! They are very cute too!

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  2. "from the Bleecker St. Boutique"

    Ever had to make your own bouquet garnis by hand with a cheese cloth? These herb bundles are probably one of the most convenient things to have in any kitchen. One bundle is all it takes to make amazing soups, stews or sauces. Try stuffing it into the cavity of chicken, turkey or any other bird.

  3. "from the Columbus Circle Boutique"

    The bouquets garnis are genius! I love not having to make them myself. I use them in all my soups, stews & sauces. They add the perfect flavor to a roast chicken! I give them as gifts to all my friends who love to cook.