Olivier Streiff

Olivier Streiff


Olivier Streiff



A Little bit of History:
After gaining an immense amount of experience working at prestigious restaurants in France such as, La Bastide de Saint-Tropez, La Chèvre d’Or, the Grand Hôtel du Cap and Maya Bay, Chef Streiff opened his own restaurant in Beaulieu-sur-Mer: La Raison Gourmande. It is here where he truly exercises his title as "The Poet of Taste" by creating a new menu almost every day according to seasonal market produce. Calling on his roots as the son of a farmer, Streiff celebrates seasonal vegetables through cuisine that is inspired by the Mediterranean and the sun. Today, for Oliviers & Co., he is putting a new spin on the most emblematic of tomato-based condiments: Ketchup.

About the Collaboration:
To create this recipe, Olivier Streiff started from a traditional spicy Sicilian sauce with a hint of Marsala. The different ingredients of this tomato sauce come together in perfect harmony creating a wonderful balance of flavors. Low in fat and not too sweet, the extraordinarily subtle tastes compliments all cuisines from the Mediterranean to Asia. A reflection of Olivier himself, under the dark exterior of this ketchup a colourful and daring world is hidden revealing our bond with this refined, big-hearted artist!

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    Olivier Streiff
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