Chestnut & Pear Fruit Spread

Chestnut & Pear Fruit Spread

Item # 44308
The chestnut is a mysterious fruit which hides a succulent woody flavor. The pear provides a delicious sweet taste. In this exclusive fruit spread, both ingredients are slowly cooked in the traditional cauldron with piping hot cane sugar. Large walnut pieces are then added, which are skillfully seasoned with sichuan pepper, resulting in a slightly spicy and woody note.

We recommend keeping refrigerated after opening and using soon for best taste!

Size: 8.1 OZ

Region/Country: France
Food Pairings: To enjoy as sweet spread on a slice of toast or brioche, with fresh cheese or as the base of a fruit tart, or as an accompaniment to chicken or pork.
Ingredients: Fruit 55.8% (chestnut 36.7%, pear 19.1%), cane sugar, walnut 1.4%, acid: concentrated lemon juice (sulfites), gelling agent: fruit pectin, sichuan pepper 0.14%; Made with 2.17 oz. fruit for 3.5 oz. sugar

Customer Reviews

“I LOVE pear and was delighted to find this flavorful spread.”

Greg Watkins, NY, NY
from the Bleecker St. Boutique