Chocolate Duo

Chocolate Duo

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Let's try the perfect combination of the Canistrelli Corsican Specialty and the Organic Dark Cocoa Hazelnut Spread with the Dark Chocolate Duo.

Canistrelli Corsican Specialty: Canistrelli are biscuits made with various flavors and ingredients: aniseed, white wine, etc. From Corsica almond trees regions, they are cooked band shaped then cut and recooked. That’s the second cooking which brings the crunchy texture.OLIVIERS&CO. canistrelli are made with olive oil and aniseed.handmade and baked, they can be enjoyed at any time of the day : breakfast (perfect with coffee), brunch, etc.

They are 100% natural, made with no additives, no colorings or whatever preservatives.

Organic Dark Cocoa Hazelnut Spread: A delicious creamy spread for young and grown-up gourmets. A traditional recipe made from quality ingredients from organic farming.

Hazelnuts & sugar are cooked together in a traditional pan to enhance the flavor of the hazelnut. Once caramelized, the hazelnuts are finely ground before being integrated into the cocoa and the rest of the ingredients.

Tasting suggestion: spread on bread, brioche or pancakes, delicious in a sponge cake.

Palm oil free / gluten free / artisanal production