Ciappine Crackers with Garlic & Chili

Ciappine Crackers with Garlic & Chili

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These Ciappine crackers with Garlic and Chili are hand-made in Liguria, Italy, using only the finest carefully selected ingredients, respecting a carefully gaurded recipe which has been passed down from generation to generation.

These savory crunchy crackers have a delayed kick of heat from the chili and a subtle garlicky finish. Delicious and addictive! They are the perfect base for any of our tapenades or spreads.

Region/Country: Italy
Food Pairings: Perfect with any of our tapenades or spreads, as the base for a bruschetta, an accompaniment to soup or salad in place of bread, or to be simply enjoyed on their own as a savory snack.
Ingredients: Wheat flour, olive oil 9.3%, Seasalt, yeast, garlic 0.64%, Chili 0.64%, May contain traces of sesame seeds