Combava Balsamic Condiment

Combava Balsamic Condiment

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O&CO.'s Combava Balsamic Condiment was created in partnership with Frédéric Chaix, a master French vinegar maker. This unusual yet balanced balsamic condiment will surprise the tastebuds of all lovers of rare flavors! Combava, or kaffir lime, is native to the Indonesian island east of Bali called "Sumbawa." It was introduced outside of the Indian Ocean by Pierre Poivre, a French horticulturist and botanist in the late eighteenth century.

This delicate citrus fruit, blended with balsamic vinegar, offers a complex olfactory and gustatory combination. To make this spectacular product, the combava skin is dried, crushed, and powdered and then combined with a rich balsamic vinegar. A complex flavor to add to simple recipes!

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Region/Country: Modena, Emilia-Romagna, Italy
Food Pairings: Its lemony note will accompany your most fantastic salad dressings! Admirable in all your sweet & savory preparations; a whiff of the exotic in your kitchen!
Ingredients: Balsamic vinegar (80%), wine vinegar, cooked grape must, coloring: caramel, preservative: E228, sugar, combava 2%. Contains: sulfites

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“I am excited to try this unique vinegar in my new recipes!”

Jerome Ghisolfi, Store Manager
from the Grand Central Station Flagship