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Chef Giovanni Ciresa

Chef Giovanni Ciresa has raised the reputation of hotel dining in Venice while Executive chef at the majestic Restaurant De Pisis, located at the Bauer IL Palazzo in Venice. Its outdoor terrace seating overlooks one of the most spectacular sites: Venice’s Grand Canal. The dining experience will leave you speechless…

Chef Olivier Streiff

Ever since his outstanding participation as a finalist in the Top Chef competition in France, the public has taken note of Chef Olivier Streiff. Since appearing as a Finalist on Top Chef France 2015, Chef Olivier Streiff has gained worldwide attention. Chef Streiff, a.k.a. “Le poète du gout” or “The Poet of Taste”, continues to collaborate with Oliviers & Co., developing unique and exclusive creations.

Toasted Blog

Meet Jean-Andre Charial, the head chef of Les Baux-de-Provence’s L’Oustau de Baumaniere and one of the very first world-renowned chefs to collaborate with Oliviers & Co. in the development of O&CO.’s Chef Creations.

Vegetable Medley with Almonds and Olive OilThis gourmet O&CO recipe offers you a tasty addition to any meal. This medley is guilt free and delicious! Makes for a perfect Autumn meal.

Ricotta, Basil and Sun-Dried Tomatoes CannelloniThis cheesy cannelloni is the perfect dinner at the end of a long day. Makes for a dinner the whole family will love!

Pan Roasted Sea BassA delicious take on Pan Roasted Sea Bass. Great Mediterranean flavors mix with our Asparagus & Lemon Confit.

Easy Balsamic BBQ SauceSpice up your meal with this new delicious sauce. This Easy Balsamic BBQ Sauce tastes great on everything.

Pomegranate, Pear and Blue Cheese SaladThis colorful salad is a tasty appetizer to share with your family, or as a meal by itself. The fruit and nut combination makes for a light salad that everyone will enjoy.

Arugula Salad with Apples, Walnuts, and GorgonzolaThis delicious jam is so good you'll eat it right off your spoon! This is an excellent replacement for ketchup - eat on burgers or on the side of your dish. Its sweet but not too sweet flavor will keep you craving more.

Balsamic Tomato Basil JamThis delicious jam is so good you'll eat it right off your spoon! This is an excellent replacement for ketchup - eat on burgers or on the side of your dish. Its sweet but not too sweet flavor will keep you craving more.

Pesto Pasta

August 05, 2016

Pesto PastaOur Pesto Pasta recipe is an excellent dinner dish. The pesto flavor mixed with delicious vegetables infuses it with the perfect flavor. The drizzle of Olive & Basil Oil is the perfect addition of flavor.

Baked Pasta in Tomato Sauce with Four CheesesThis pasta dish is just what you need for a great dinner with your family or friends. These cheeses mixed with cream and sauce create an amazing to-die-for flavor.

Mint Chocolate Chip Brownies MainThese delightful brownies are the tasty treat you deserve. This treats are refreshing and the perfect pick for a relaxing snack.

PastaWithClamsWildFennel mainThis fruity salad is just what you need to brighten up your summer lunches. Perfect as an appetizer or as a meal by itself.

Salad recipe image Summer Oil mainThis is a super-quick, super-healthy salad and is a great easy lunch or light appetizer.  The soft, sweet mozzarella is a nice contrast to the firm, tangy pomegranate seeds.  The O&CO. Summer olive oil and Pomegranate Vinegar is the perfect combo to finish this fun and delicious salad that is bursting with flavor!

Tomato and Basil GazpachoThis classic chilled Spanish soup recipe with an O&CO. twist was created by Michelin-starred Chef Olivier Streiff, exclusively for O&CO.  The perfect cool dish on a hot summer day!

grilled-monk-fish-kebabs-mainA great surf and turf recipe for outdoor entertaining!  Monkfish, also called "poor-man's lobster", is a meaty white fish with a sweet taste that holds up well on the grill.   When combined with the richness and spice of chorizo and the fragrant rosemary, everyone will be asking for seconds!  The O&CO. Olive & Green Lemon Oil adds a special finshing touch to round out a fantastic dish. You can make smaller skewers for appetizers or larger ones for a main.

ocojcA93092 s croppedThese mouth-watering roasted veggies are perfect for a simple and healthy side dish with vibrant colors and TONS of flavor.  O&CO. Extra Virgin olive oil adds a special finishing touch that transforms even the most basic veggies!

Molten Chocolate Cakes With MandarinThese simple, elegant, rich and gooey chocolate mini cakes are so delicious and can be quickly whipped up for an impressive dessert.  Top with O&CO. Olive & Mandarin olive oil for a unique touch! 

PastaWithClamsWildFennel mainNo matter what the season, this quick and easy recipe is always satisfying!  Cooking the clams with fennel and garlic infuses them with great flavor.  Finishing with a drizzle of O&CO. Olive & Wild Fennel Oil adds the perfect flavor punch.

Tomato Olive Tartare - MainSo simple and so summery, with no cooking required!  You can't go wrong with this combination of ripe tomatoes, basil and savory olives.  The tastiness of this recipe is directly proportional to the freshness of the ingredients, so make sure to save your best tomatoes for this summer treat.   

Polenta with Aromatic Herbs Oil croppedThe perfect savory party appetizer that can also double as light main:  delicious, quick and easy! The O&CO. Black Olive Relish, softened by sweet hints of honey, beautifully ties together the polenta and tomato topping. Cut into bite size squares for elegant hors d'oeuvres.

shrimp with pepper mix croppedIn this recipe, our fragrant Five-Pepper Mix adds a perfect balance of spice and Asian flavors when combined with our aromatic Ginger & Lemon olive oil.  A quick and easy light weeknight meal that is sure to impress!



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