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In 2003, Albert Baussan, O&CO.'s CEO and olive grower, and his wife Yolande were introduced to APLOM, 'The Association for the Orphanages in Mergui (Burma)’ via a prominent orthopedist friend, dedicated to this area in Burma, and providing surgeries for malnourished children. Five years later, as Albert and Yolande traveled further abroad to all corners of the earth, in their quest for the world's most distinguished olive groves and the expansion of O&CO. across continents, they were both struck by the misère they encountered.

It was upon the development of this compassion from Madagascar to Burma and the good fortune of O&CO. as a thriving company, that Albert & Yolande committed their savings to become the sole proprietors financing APLOM. In this fundamental role, the funds provided by Albert & Yolande were to children between the ages of 4 - 18 who reside within APLOM's residence, supplying them with food, shelter, medical care and education.


It’s all about the kids. O&CO. is honored to partner with APLOM to help provide the tools which
will allow these children to stand on their own two feet and find their place, as well as fostering
economic development in the Burmese hospitality industry.

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We consider the following to be essential skills in today's increasingly connected world.
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    IT Skills
    Through technology, it’s becoming an increasingly intimate world and we believe computer skills are as important as learning language and math skills these days. APLOM coordinates weekly IT classes and have been able to outfit the orphanage with computer-teaching rooms for practical learning and real-life aptitude.

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    We value creative expression above all other capabilities. Where would O&CO. be without a creative energy to conjure new ways to excite the gourmet in us all? O&CO. is thrilled to instill this discipline as part of APLOM's supplementary curriculum.

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    Cooking / Nutrition
    Our aim is that everyone should have the opportunity to share in the making of a meal with friends and family. We invest in teaching how to cook, its nutritional values and the origins of food; including a garden that has recently cultivated local vegetables and herbs that are picked, prepared and shared at the table of the residence.

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    Although technology may be providing the means in which people are connected to communicate; language and specifically English remains the universal language of tourism. By providing not only computer, but English language skills we’re ensuring a capability to converse in this increasingly global world of ours.