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Mini Cheesecakes with Tomato, Basil & Black Olive Tapenade

August 22, 2017
Mini cheesecakes with Tomato, Basil & Bell Pepper Delice

Delicious mini cheesecakes make a delectable starter or as a light dinner.

Mini cheesecakes with Tomato & Black Olive Tapenade


Mix the cookie crumb with the melted butter to make a paste.

Place 4 round pastry cutters on a baking tray lined with baking paper. Line the bottom with the shortbread mix, press down and place in the refrigerator.

Cut the tomatoes into thin slices, place them on a large plate, season with salt and pepper and drizzle with the olive & basil oil. Marinate at room temperature.

Mix the goat cheese and cream cheese, season to taste.

Remove the baking tray with the biscotti bases from the refrigerator. Fill with fresh cheese pressing down to around 1/3” in thickness, then lay a thin layer of Oliviers&Co Black Olive Tapenade, then another layer of fresh cheese and finish with 2 slices of tomatoes.

Sprinkle with basil leaves and a drizzle of Oliviers&Co Olive & Basil oil.

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