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Tomato & Olive Tartare

August 06, 2015
Tomato Olive Tartare - Main

So simple and so summery, with no cooking required!  You can't go wrong with this combination of ripe tomatoes, basil and olives.   A fresh and healthy vegetarian option for an al fresco dinner party!

Tomato & Olive Tartare

Serves 4



Peel and seed the tomatoes, then finely dice.

Gently mix the diced tomatoes and chopped olives in a salad bowl.  Add O&CO. Salt & Herb Mix for Pasta and Salad, O&CO. White Balsamic Condiment with Oregano and O&CO. Olive & Basil Olive Oil.  Stir gently to combine.

Arrange in small glasses and serve with O&CO. Mini Crostini with Olive Oil.

Time-saving tip:  You can replace the olives in the recipe with a tapenade to avoid the pitting and chopping.

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