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Swedish Style Breakfast

March 23, 2018
Swedish Style Breakfast

Trying breakfast around the world? You can’t go wrong with this simple recipe featuring Oliviers & Co’s Premium Balsamic Vinegar of Modena & our Summer Truffle in Olive Oil.

Swedish Style Breakfast


Cut small rows in the skin of the duck breast. Put the duck breast in a bowl, pour over Oliviers & Co Balsamic Vinegar & leave marinated while preparing the sauce.

Chop the onions & cauliflower into pieces. Fry the onions in melted butter for a few minute & place the cauliflower into a pan with milk.

Boil & simmer until cauliflower is tender.

Using your mixer, add creme fraiche, Oliviers & Co White Truffle Oil & Oliviers & Co Summer Truffle & keep the puree warm.

Take the duck breast out of the marinade and save for later use.

Fry the duck breast in a pan for 3-4 minutes on each side. Fry the skin side first. Pour out the excessive grease & add honey. Turn up the heat & caramelize the duck breast on both sides

Remove the duck & add the balsamic marinade to the pan. Use medium heat & cook marinade until you get a syrup-like texture

Cut the duck breasts into thin slices, sprinkle with salt pepper & server with the cauliflower purée & Oliviers & Co Balsamic Vinegar. Grind pepper over it just before serving

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