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Porcini Risotto

October 23, 2020
Hummus with avocados

Bring notes of undergrowth into your kitchen! The Porcini Olive Oil is the exact match with Risotto, for a perfect and shiny diner.

Porcini Risotto


Put the dried Porcini in a large bowl of cold water for 30 minutes to rehydrate. Brown the chopped onions in a tbsp. of Porcini Olive Oil.
Add the rice, and allow the grains become almost transparent while stirring.
Add the wine, cover and simmer until the risce absorbs the liquid.
Add the broth in 4 batches, cook for about 20 minutes.

Meanwhile, collect the rehydrated mushrooms and sauté them in a pan with 2 tbsp. of Porcini Olive Oil and the crushed garlic for 15 minutes.
Add half ot the Parmesan cheese and the mushrooms to the risotto.

Add pepper to taste, serve by sprinkling the plates with Parmesan Cheese and a drizzle of Porcini Olive Oil.



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