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Sauternes Salmon, Hasselback potatoes

October 28, 2020
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Revisiting a must have of the French gastronomy for the holiday season celebrations: Sauternes. This unique vinegar will bring peps and originality to your plate.

Sauternes Salmon, Hasselback Potatoes


Preheat the oven to 210 ° C.

Use 2 skewers to cut the potatoes. To do so, prick the skewers through the middle of the potato and cut it into strips, so you only cut through halfway.
Cut the garlic cloves into strips and divide them among the potatoes. Place them in an oven dish.
Cut small pieces of butter and insert them in each potato. Sprinkle the whole with olive oil, and fleur de sel.
Bake for 40 min.

Meanwhile, peel the shallots, slice them and let them sweat in 1 tbsp. of Christmas olive oil for 10 min. over medium heat, then pour in 4 tbsp. of Sauternes vinegar, and let it stew over a low heat, 5 min.

10 min before the end of cooking the potatoes, place some baking paper in a large sauté pan and fry the salmon steaks on the skin side until the skin has a caramelized appearance, and cover 7-8 min.
Then turn the fish over and cook for 1-2 min. until the flesh is translucent (just cooked).

Adjust the seasoning, add some fresh ground pepper, and serve with a drizzle of olive oil, the potatoes and the shallots confit with their juice.

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