Everyday Cooking with Olive Oil

In our first blog post we discussed all the incredible health benefits olive oil has. We know olive oil can do great things for heart health and may actually reduce the risk of getting cancer. So what are the best ways to consume this ‘super oil’? Olive oil has a great taste that can be used in numerous dishes.

One way you can use olive oil is to simply sprinkle a little over a salad or pasta for a great tasting dressing. Use olive oil instead of butter or margarine for a healthy bread dip or with mashed potatoes or bakes potatoes. You can also use olive oil in sauces for some extra flavor and extra health benefits.

Olive oil is also great for grilling chicken. Brush some on your chicken pieces before they hit the grill and the oil will actually seal in the naturally tasty juices. You can also use as a marinade base for your steaks or pork chops. You can even use it on your morning eggs and drizzle a little over your toast instead of butter for a natural healthy alternative.

Baking with olive oil is another popular option. If you have a recipe that calls for butter or margarine, use olive oil instead for a much healthier option and a great source of monounsaturated fats. You can use olive oil in anything from cakes and cookies to casseroles and meat loaf. You will get the same results and tastes while you knock out about 25% of the fat and cut calories.

Another favorite way to use olive oil is to sauté with it. It works great for stir fry’s and gives a great taste. Use it to sauté chicken or beef for delicious fajitas. You can also drizzle a little olive oil on your pan before you cook for an ensured non-stick surface. Olive oil is an extremely versatile cooking oil and can be used with almost anything. Be creative and add more taste and healthy nutrition to any dish.