Cracked Picholine Green Olives with Thyme

Cracked Picholine Green Olives with Thyme

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Grown in sunny Provence, these green Picholine olives are subject to strict production methods. Only the most beautiful olives are selected and hand-picked.

Cracking the olives allows the aromatic herbs to permeate the olives, while leaving the pit intact. Cracked olives are olives which have been slit or gently crushed before curing so that they absorb the curing materials faster. As a result, they are ready to eat and bursting with flavor.

These olives make a perfect savory snack on their own, or a delicious addition to an antipasti platter.

Keep refrigerated after opening.

Region/Country: France
Food Pairings: Perfect on their own as a snack, in a salad, in a tagine...or try them in a French martini!
Ingredients: Picholine olives, water, salt, thyme 1%, antioxidant: citric acid