Daddy Cook Gift Set

Daddy Cook Gift Set

Item # BSET7

The Daddy Cook Gift Set is the perfect present for a father - Those ingredients perfectly match for an extraordinary meal !

A classic noodle with its unique ingredient that is not found in most common types of pasta: the wheat germ - it is the heart of the grain and contains vitamins A, D as well as vegetable protein.

With our Tomato and Basil pesto, this versatile and delicious recipe unites the typical consistency of pesto to the simplicity and freshness of tomatoes and basil.

Drizzle your preparation with our garlic oil made out of extra virgin oil and fresh garlic macerated together.

And for the final touch: top your dish with some salt, with our mixe made of Italian sea salt and carefully selected aromatic herbs and spices

This Gift Set includes: 

- Spaghetti (17.6 OZ)

- Tomato & Basil Pesto (6.34 FL OZ)

- Garlic and Olive Oil (8.4 FL OZ)

- Salt & Herbs for salad and Pasta (3.5 FL OZ) 

- Spout for Tin