Grill Master Gift Set

Grill Master Gift Set

Item # BSET10

Help take Dad’s grilling to the next level!

The Daddy Grill Gift Set for Meat includes all the ingredients for a perfect cook out.

The Olive & Chili Pepper Oil is made by squeezing whole Chili Peppers in with the olives during cold pressing. This technique produces a rare, fresh tasting olive oil with a hint of heat.

The White Wine Vinegar with Provencal Herbs is a well-balanced masterpiece. Fresh Provencal herbs are pressed with the olives within 48 hours of their selection to ensure the herbs retain all of their freshness and flavor.

Skip the ketchup! Add some Bruschetta sauce to any dish for a unique and wonderful experience.

Top things off with our Salt & Mix of Herb for Meat. Traditional seasonings are blended with salt to prepare any meat dish in style, whether grilled, marinated or steamed.

This Gift Set includes: 

- Olive and Chili Pepper Oil (8.4 FL.OZ)

- White Wine Vinegar with Provencal herbs (8.4 FL.OZ)

- Bruschetta sauce (6.34 FL.OZ)

- Salt & Mix of Herb For Meat (3.5 FL.OZ)

- Spout for Tin