Orange Blossom Honey

Everyone knows that different flowers grow in different areas of the world and that each has a unique, individual smell. These smells and nectar influence the way products taste when using them as an additive or accompaniment to a consumer product. Specific to honey, the flavor is determined by the geographical location the beehive is located as well as the type of flower nectar the honeybees collect. Each flower produces different scented nectar and at different amounts resulting in a change of taste and quantity produced between the different types of honey.

Based in the orange kingdom near Valencia, Spain, each individual jar of orange blossom honey is harvested after more than 2,500 bees contribute to its production. With smooth, soft and golden hues, the honey’s flavor is packed with the delicate taste of orange blossoms and also depicts the Mediterranean land in which it is grown. Many use it as an additive to tea or as a topping for fish or deserts. Specifically, it can be used as a glaze for pork or chicken as well as an accompaniment to sautéed veggies, dried fruit, as an ingredient to freshly baked bread or as a topping for ice cream!